Thank You

My Dearly Beloved Mother,
At last you have the peace you so greatly deserve
It grieves me immensely to lose you
But relieves me to know that you are no longer suffering and in pain

Through all the trials and adversities that life presented you
I was and still am always amazed by your strength of character and being
You not only managed to display a smile on your face
But bring a smile to the faces of others, and sometimes even a laugh

You were never afraid of dying but only of dying alone
I could not ease your suffering and I could not find a cure
But I was honoured to be able to be there at the end, to take away your fear
The one gift that was within my power to offer, was my love and a hand for you to hold

Although Im no longer a little boy
Im still your little boy and always will be
Please know that your little boy is going to be ok here
So its time for you to go now, its time to rest in peace

Thankyou for the experiences that you shared with me
Thankyou for the adventures and education that Im sure no other child received
Thankyou for the guidance you shared with me
Thankyou for the love and laughs and incredible collection of happy memories that Ill treasure forever

I am eternally in your debt for I would not be who I am
or what I am today without all these gifts you shared

Thankyou for being you!

Thankyou for making me!

And most importantly, thankyou for making me, me!

Your Loving Son